Saturday, February 4, 2012

Atlantic City to force horses to dive

You read that correctly, dive. The owners of the Steel Pier say they are bringing back this attraction once stopped due to the concerns of the animal. The new horse dive will consist of a rider jumping the horse off a 30 to 40 foot platform into a 12 foot pool. Anthony Cananoso, the Steel Pier president, see's no risk of harm to the animals and feels its a historic and popular attraction.

Horse diving was an attraction here from the 1920's to the 1970's when it was stopped. Now the plan is to build an amphitheater and charge ten dollars a person to see a horse and rider dive. But many local residents are not happy with the return of the dive. The Atlantic City SPCA President, Nancy Beall, has said the idea is disgusting and its cruel to put the animals though this. Hopefully through efforts of the SPCA, word of this will spread and Mr. Cananoso will reconsider this cruel tradition.

News coverage video clip.

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