Sunday, January 29, 2012

Have we stopped the Canadian seal slaughter ?

The annual Canadian seal slaughter may finally see it's end. Through awareness from groups like PETA and Sea Shepherd, the public outcry on this brutal slaughter may have finally been heard by the Canadian Government. Just weeks before the slaughter is to resume Brian Cleary, a member of the Canadian Parliament representing one of the regions where the slaughter takes place, has acknowledged the public outcry and now is questioning the future of this brutal slaughter.

Cleary's statement comes just weeks after Russia has taken steps to ban the import of the harp seal fur. Polls have consistently shown the Canadian citizens oppose the seal slaughter, maybe it's time the Government listens.

Warning: Video of this brutal slaughter can be seen here.

To help, please visit this page to tell the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper,  that this must end.