Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Help save baby Riley

Of all the tiny, shaking piglets in the crowded pen at a recent stockyard auction, Riley
was the smallest, and clearly suffering. This poor baby was too sick to stand upright,
his head awkwardly tilted to the side, and one of his eyes was nearly swollen shut.

As the auction went on, and bystanders did nothing, little Riley was left to die –
stumbling in the corner of the pen. But thankfully, Farm Sanctuary’s Emergency
Rescue Team was there to protect this fragile baby and lift him out of this heartless

Like you, we wanted to reach out and hold him. We couldn’t just stand by and
watch this tiny piglet suffer and die, so we rushed him to safety.

Now Farm Sanctuary is doing everything we can to give Riley the urgent care
he needs to survive. Please help by joining Farm Sanctuary now.

His condition is critical. Severe infection has left his eye badly injured and his
ear filled with fluid, causing him intense pain. Immediate surgery at the Cornell
University Hospital for Animals is necessary to relieve the pressure in his ear and
begin the healing process. And while we remain terribly concerned about his
prognosis, his improved appetite and balance give us reason for hope.

Join now to help baby Riley receive the specialized care he needs to beat the 
odds and heal from this horrendous neglect and sad start in life. Your donation
will also help ensure that Farm Sanctuary can respond to the next emergency, no
matter where or when it occurs.

Tragically, Riley never needed to become so sick. His illness likely began as nothing
more than basic pneumonia. But because those who were supposed to care for him
neglected to help him, his infection worsened. Now he is fighting for his life.

Please join Farm Sanctuary today to help give Riley the love and care he should have 
received from the start.

Although we cannot guarantee Riley’s recovery, with your emergency donation,
we can guarantee that this precious baby will know nothing but loving hands, a soft
bed and gentle care as we work to bring him back to health.

Help us show Riley that humans are not all cruel, that his life matters, and that relief
and comfort can await him. Join now to help Riley and ensure we are ready to 
respond to the next emergency call.

If there was ever an animal who needed your support, it’s Riley.
Please be generous.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kraft mac & what?

Did you know that Kraft Mac & Cheese is made differently for certain parts of the world? Did you know that Americans are getting the unhealthy version?

In 2008 Kraft took out the the artificial coloring (Yellow dye #5) and artificial sweeteners like Aspartame for distribution into Europe and Australia. They have not done the same thing here in the United States. Studies have shown a link in these ingredients to hyperactivity and asthma in children.

I am not advocating eating Kraft Mac & Cheese, but if it wasn't bright orange would that make you stop eating it? Kraft please stop distributing these unnecessary chemicals.

Click the link below if you wish to send a letter to the Kraft CEO requesting these chemicals be removed in the US.