Wednesday, September 8, 2010

VATT - Vegan At The Table

I am starting this blog as I embark on a new phase in my life. As I type and you read this, I am on day one in my quest to get to 30 days eating vegan. What you say, why would I do this when there are such scrumptious, comfort foods that do not fit into a vegan lifestyle? I have 2 motivating factors. The first is health and the second is awareness for the humane treatment of animals. In later blog posts i will go into each one in greater detail. I have been eating a mostly vegetarian diet for the past 7 months. I can see some small hurdles moving to a vegan diet such as the hot cheesey pizza slice and the incredible butter-cream frosted birthday cakes , but in the end it all boils down to one thing, animal fat. So here it is, a quest for 30 days and this blog to hold me to it. What will I do once i reach 30 days? Well that you will have to stay tuned for, but I know whatever happens will be for the best.

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